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Outstanding Workplace Education Partnership Award

MRRJ would like to congratulate our Chief of Programs, John Lilly, for receiving the 2019 Outstanding Workplace Education Partnership Award for our partnership with our local Adult Education. The award was presented on Tuesday, October 22 at the VAACE (Virginia Adult Continuing Education) conference in Hampton, VA. Receiving this award was made possible by the hard work done by our local Adult Education partners and especially the many people involved at MRRJ. The support from Administration and the work done by the Program Department coordinating the classes and the many Officers who do all of the work required to get the inmates to and from the classes during the times allotted while still maintaining the other critical functions inside the jail.

Partners from our local Adult Education, from left to right:

Jessica Chenoweth – Region 6 Adult Education Local Coordinator for Augusta/Staunton Adult Education Program Coordinator

John Lilly – Chief of Programs, Middle River Regional Jail

Vici Garber – Region 6 Adult Education Regional Specialist

Katy Parrish – Region 6 Adult Education Regional Program Manager

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