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Dedication * Expertise * Passion

Colonel Eric Young - Superintendent

Colonel Young was born and raised in Staunton, VA. He is a 30-year Law Enforcement Veteran with Augusta County Sheriff's Office and Middle River Regional Jail.


Colonel Young has served in various capacities with the Augusta County Sheriff's Office to include, corrections, patrol, School Resource Officer, bicycle patrol, civil process, court security and Chief of Security. Since the opening of Middle River Regional Jail in April 2006, Colonel Young has continually served as one of the original administration members.


As the Superintendent, he oversees the entire facility as well as handling the yearly budget.  

Colonel Young was promoted from Lt. Colonel in July 2022, after being promoted from Major in January 2022.

Captian Heflin_edited.jpg

Lt. Colonel Tony Heflin - Deputy Superintendent

Lt. Colonel Heflin began his career at the Augusta County Sheriff's Office as a Jailor in 1992 and was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 1993. He was transferred to the Sheriff's Office in 1994 where he was assigned to different divisions to include: Circuit Court Bailiff, Civil Process, Crime Prevention, Professional Standards, and Administrative Sergeant. 

​In 2016 Lt. Colonel Helfin came to MRRJ as a Sergeant over Training and Accreditation and was promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant in 2018.

He is a DCJS General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, CPR Instructor, State Certified VLEPSC Accreditation Manager and VLEPSC Accreditation Assessor. He has also completed the Virginia Regional Jail Leadership Program and is a Certified Jail Manager (CJM).

​The Lt. Colonel oversees Finance, Human Resources, Director of Operations, and the Director of Support Services.  Lt. Colonel Heflin reports directly to the Superintendent.  ​Lt. Colonel Heflin was promoted to the Rank of Captain in 2019, Major in 2022, and Lt. Colonel in 2023.


Major Leslie Powell - Director of Operations

Major Powell began his career as a Jailor in September 2004.  He has been assigned to various positions to include; Pod Officer, Booking Officer, Transportation Officer, Response Team Member, Watch Commander Sergeant, Classifications Supervisor, Major Hearings Sergeant, Gang Coordinator, Office of Professional Review Sergeant, Office of Professional Review Lieutenant, Alternate Public Information Officer, Watch Command Lieutenant, Chief of Housing Unit Management, and Chief of Security.

Major Powell is a member of the Virginia Gang Investigator's Association, The American Jail Association, and the Virginia Association of Regional Jails.  He is a DCJS General Instructor, DCJS Firearms Instructor, a Certified Gang Specialist, Certified Jail Manager, and he has attended the National Jail Leadership Command Academy.  Major Powell holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.

He became Chief of Security at MRRJ in 2019, and Director of Operations in 2023.

Major Nicholson_edited.jpg

Major Lori Nicholson - Director of Support Services


Major Nicholson began her career in the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) as a Correctional Officer in 1988 at Augusta Correctional Center in Craigsville, Virginia. She was promoted to the Rank of Correctional Sergeant in 1994. This position included Training Sergeant General DCJS Instructor with Specialties in Lamb Baton, Defensive Tactics, First Aid CPR and Chemical Munitions.

She transferred to Fluvanna Correctional Center in 1997 and was promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant. She was placed on a transition team to help open the largest female multi-classification correctional facility on the East Coast. She was promoted to Correctional Captain in 2004.

In 2005 Major Nicholson left the (VADOC) and was placed on the Transition Team to help open Middle River Regional Jail.

The Director of Support Services oversees the following departments within MRRJ:  Food Services, Inmate Services, Maintenance, Information Technology, Mail Room, Medical, Mental Health, Training, Programs, Education and Jail Accreditation. Major Nicholson also assists the Deputy Superintendent with the yearly budget. 

Wyatt Brown.JPG

Captain Wyatt Brown - Chief of Security


Captain Brown was born and raised in Staunton, VA. He is a 15-year law enforcement veteran with The Staunton Police Department and Middle River Regional Jail. While at SPD, Captain Brown served as a Police Officer, Field Trainer, and Investigator and was assigned to the Joint Narcotics Task Force. He holds a variety of instructorships including specialties in firearms, use of force, digital forensics, less-lethal munitions, crisis intervention and mental health training.


He has been with MRRJ since 2016, serving as an Officer, Sergeant, Information Technology Supervisor, and Lieutenant. He has served as the Assistant ADA Coordinator for MRRJ and is the current the ADA Coordinator.


He has a BA from James Madison University and an MA in Criminal Justice and Business Management from American Military University. He is a member of the Virginia Gang Investigator’s Association, and a life member of the American Jail Association where he holds the Certified Jail Manager certification.


He was promoted to Captain and became the Chief of Support Services in February 2022 and Chief of Security in November 2023.

IMG_0752 (2)_edited_edited_edited_edited

Captain Todd Lloyd - Chief of Support Services


Captain Todd Lloyd began his career at the Augusta County Sheriff's Office as a Jail Officer in 1996.  In June 1998, he graduated from the 84th Basic Law Enforcement Academy, and was then assigned to different divisions to include:  Court Bailiff, Civil Process, Shift Patrol and Augusta County SWAT Team.  He served as a Criminal Investigator from 2002 until 2006.

While working in the Narcotics Division from 2006 to 2014, he was promoted to Corporal and was one of the supervisors on the Drug Task Force.  Captain Lloyd was nominated to attend the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, then served as supervisor of the Warrant Service Division from 2014 to 2016.

In 2016, Captain Lloyd was promoted to Sergeant, continuing to serve as Warrant Service Division Supervisor, until moving to MRRJ as Lieutenant of Investigations.

He became Chief of Operations at MRRJ in 2020 and Chief of Support Services in 2023.

Garrett Irvine_edited.jpg

Captain C.G. Irvine - Chief of Operations


Captain Irvine began his career at the Augusta County Sheriff's Office as a jailor in 2004. He transitioned to MRRJ in April of 2006 where he has held numerous positions. He’s held shift officer, Shift Corporal, Work Force Corporal, Assistant Watch Commander (Sergeant), Watch Commander (Lieutenant), Lieutenant of Operations and Lieutenant of Community Corrections. 

Captain Irvine is a recent graduate of the National Jail Leadership Command Staff Academy class 46. 

Captain Irvine was promoted to Chief of Operations in 2023 overseeing Intake/ Video Courts, Records, Classification, Transportation and Community Corrections. Captain Irvine reports to the Director of Operations (Major). 


Regina Chestnut - Chief of Medical


Regina Chestnut graduated from Fort Defiance High School and BRCC with Associate Degree in Nursing. Regina has been a nurse for 33 years. She worked at Kings Daughter’s Hospital, Medical/Surgical, Emergency Department, Labor and Delivery, The Women’s Center, Carilion Family Medicine, Augusta County Schools and currently works at MRRJ.

She was a volunteer with Staunton Augusta Rescue Squad and was the first female on the junior squad in 1980.

Born and raised in Augusta Co. Love spending time with my parents, husband, and daughter. Love being outside, gardening and the beach


John Lilly - Chief of Programs


Mr. Lilly began his career at MRRJ as the Programs Director in December of 2005 bringing 3 and a half years of experience as a Counselor in the Virginia DOC. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts from Concord University in Athens. WV. 

Mr. Lilly has been involved in youth sports as a coach, coaching kids from Elementary to High School in Football and Basketball. 

He believes in giving people the tools and opportunities to turn their lives around.  He is thankful for the many agencies, groups, and individuals in the area for the time, effort, and energy that they donate to enable us to provide the many opportunities and services made available to those incarcerated at MRRJ.

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