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Inmate programs at Middle River Regional Jail are designed to assist the inmate in developing greater self-awareness, academic advancement, personal responsibility, and interpersonal skills – all serving to further respect for self and others, and increase opportunity for one’s personal success.

All of our programs came to a halt during the COVID pandemic.  We have restarted a few programs, with hopes of resuming all other classes as well, possibly on a rotational basis.  We will update this section as additions / changes are made.


  • Chaplain Visits

  • Extracurricular Activities (Bingo, Cornhole Tournaments)

  • GED

  • Identification Documents (Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards)

  • Re-entry Workshops (separate workshops for Rockingham/Harrisonburg and Staunton/Waynesboro/Augusta Co.)


The Work Release Program is designed to assist inmates in their transition as they enter back into the community. Inmates must be low risk non-violent offenders and cannot have any sex crimes, gang affiliations, or active protective orders. While on the program, inmates are required to pay a room and board fee as well as make payments on any child support, fines and court costs, or restitution owed.  In most cases, inmates on the program have first proven themselves on work crews both inside the jail and supervised work crews outside of the jail.


MRRJ provides male and female inmate work detail crews to participating localities. This program allows inmates to give back to the community by performing landscaping, maintenance, snow removal, grounds keeping, janitorial work, painting, trash pickup, and much more. With court approval, inmate’s participating in this program may be allowed to apply their work credits towards their court fines. This often times enables the inmate to have their driver’s licenses reinstated upon release from the jail.


Volunteers provide a valuable service to MRRJ and are a community resource that helps increase the ability to assist more inmates through programming offered within the jail setting. All volunteers must complete an application, undergo a background check, and complete a brief orientation. Contact the Programs Director for further information.

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