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The delivery of court clothing will only be permitted for jury trials. All clothing must be pre-approved by the transportation department before it will be accepted. Such items can be delivered to the receptionist anytime Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:00pm.


  • Wednesday & Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm once arrangements have been made with Intake. 

  • ONLY if a request has been received from the inmate


Anything incoming with the inmate will be placed in a property bag.  In order for property to be picked up, the inmate must submit a request with who he/she is releasing the property to.  


Upon admission through intake, the following personal items may be worn into the facility by the inmate (items carried in will not be allowed).  Please note no external items will be accepted after admission to the jail, items may be purchased on commissary:

  • 7 solid white t-shirts (no pockets, no logos)

  • 7 solid white briefs/boxers (no thongs)

  • 7 pairs of solid white socks

  • 7 solid white bras (no underwires)

  • 1 set of white long johns (top and bottom)

All prescription medications must be current and valid and in a pharmacy container with a corresponding label that includes the date of prescription, patient’s name, dosage and dosing schedule, and the amount of medication to be dispensed.

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