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Classes and Success on the GED Front Restart


Like many employers in numerous fields, MRRJ has been dealing for some time with a combination of COVID issues and of being short staffed. However, we are beginning to work towards re-establishing pre-COVID classes and programs. Our efforts will begin with volunteers who were already coming into the jail pre-COVID and will involve some adapting to current situations, including possibly rotating some of our classes. The re-starting process will be a slow one and will have to start from square one with each class. We appreciate your patience as we work to re-establish programming.


Despite the fact that we have only been able to hold GED classes this year since early February, we do have some exciting news. Two students have already earned their GED and three other students are at various stages of testing! All of these folks have done an excellent job through trying circumstances to get where they are with their education. We are very proud of these students!

We would also like to thank our local Adult Education who administered placement tests to every person who had requested GED.This early testing was a huge help to the program and the individual students!

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