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Mental Health Services Update


There is a rumor spreading in the community the MRRJ is discontinuing Mental Health Services. This is NOT true!

Mental Health services have been at MRRJ for years and will continue to progress and evolve.

Presently, MRRJ has the following Mental Health Services:

1. MRRJ maintains two Special Needs Housing Units (1 male and 1 female) and has continuously done so for YEARS

2. MRRJ has partnered with Valley Community Services Board with a Forensic Discharge Planning Grant to EXPAND mental health services from the jail to the community. This addition was done while simultaneously dealing with COVID issues.

3. MRRJ has partnered with the Valley Community Services Board with a Medication Assistance Treatment (MAT) grant, which expands services to address opioid addiction upon release.

Hopefully this information will stop the mid-information that is circulating.Knowledge is Power!

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