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"What Can I Do to Help?"


We are fortunate to have many caring, compassionate people in the area who want to get involved and help those who are incarcerated and returning to the community. However, many of these folks are unsure of how to help. If this sounds like you, here are some ideas:

  • Donate to the inmate library

  • Books must be paperback. NO hardback books can be accepted

  • Both new and used books are welcomed and appreciated

  • No magazines, textbooks, or how-to books, such as electrical wiring

To inquire about or to make donations, please contact 540-245-5420

  • John Spears - ext. 1260

  • Mark Neeley - ext. 1236

  • John Lilly – ext. 1225

- Help transport people being released who need a ride home. Sometimes people have a scheduled release date, but sometimes there is no advance notice. A list of people who we could call to give these individuals a ride home would be extremely helpful

- Housing is a HUGE issue for many transitioning back into the community. Do you have or know of someone who have a spare room to offer someone in need of initial housing?

- Volunteer in the community

- Form groups to meet with ex-offenders to give positive direction, or maybe just talk about whatever the person would like to talk about

- Volunteer with youth in the community

- By providing positive influences and support to our youth, you may help get the child on a path that veers him/her away from criminal activity, and therefore, away from incarceration


If you are a church or other faith based organization, let it be known that you welcome and encourage people with challenging backgrounds to join your congregation. Individuals in the community can also welcome people back to the community and let them know that you are there to love and support them

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